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A novel real-time signal processing platform engineered to reveal the full range of cardiac signals

The PURE EP™ System elevates the standard of care in electrophysiology through enhanced signal acquisition, digital signal processing, and analysis. The PURE EP™ System is powered by a unique hardware architecture allowing the full range of cardiac analog signals to be acquired in a raw, streamlined, unfiltered format. This is then converted into a digital modality powered by advanced signal processing software for unlimited real time data analysis.

The PURE EP™ System is engineered around 5 unique main system capabilities providing clear and detailed signals across the entire range of cardiac frequencies

Low-Noise Proprietary Architecture

Acquisition of high fidelity cardiac analog signals in an original unfiltered format

Wide Dynamic Range

Retains cardiac signal details in 24-bit precision over the full range of 500mV

Large Frequency Bandwidth

Allows high frequency cardiac signals to be accurately displayed

Linear Signal Acquisition

Maintains the original signal amplitude (minimizes signal attenuation) even at higher frequencies

Modular Design

Offers the possibility to upgrade with upcoming clinical modules and advanced Data-Enabled Software applications

The PURE EP™ System is compatible with existing EP Lab equipment, providing ease-of-use and preserving current clinical workflow


Preserved Signal Integrity
The proprietary low-noise hardware architecture of the PURE EP™ System allows the full range of cardiac analog signals to be acquired in a raw, streamlined, unfiltered format. The result is an ultra-high resolution of the raw signals. 


Unparalleled Signal Fidelity and Real-Time Analysis
Advanced signal processing software converts the raw data set into a digital modality, enabling unlimited real-time data analysis. 


Customized to Your Clinical Needs
Users can gain a deeper understanding of the signals by zooming in and magnifying multi- factorial components of the electrogram. They can also apply custom filters that focus on high-frequency signals while maintaining full visualization of higher-amplitude electrograms. 

Pure EP Monitors

The PURE EP™ System complements existing EP information by providing detailed visualization of intracardiac signals

The low-noise proprietary architecture of the PURE EP™ System offers a minimal baseline noise, when combined with the large frequency bandwidth and the linear signal acquisition, provides clear visualization of very small amplitude high frequency complex intracardiac signals. 

PURE EP™ - Ventricular Tachycardia

PURE EP - Ventricular Tachycardia
Sarcoidosis and scar area in the right ventricle with visualization of high frequency, low amplitude signals on Ablation distal (PP: 0.2mV)

The PURE EP™ System converts the entire raw patient signals into a digital modality. This gives users the ability to apply custom software filters and analyze signals by magnifying multi-factorial components of the electrogram. 

Premature Ventricular Contraction

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PURE EP - Premature Ventricular Contraction

The PURE EP™ System shows the presence of early far-field signals on Ablation Distal, suggesting an earlier activation (33ms). Unipolar Signal defining the depolarization onset for activation interval measurement

PURE EP™ - Atrial Tachycardia

PURE EP™ - Atrial Tachycardia

Optimized post-processing software settings: No RF noise on Ablation distal and detailed right atrial signal attenuation with visualization of split signals

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