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Harnessing Biomedical Signal Processing to Advance Medicine 

At BioSig Technologies, we are dedicated to developing new ways to help patients and physicians. Our first product is the PURE EP™ System, a system designed for use in the large and growing electrophysiology market.

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PURE EP(tm): Our Novel Real-Time Signal Processing Platform

Our first product elevates the standard of care in electrophysiology through enhanced signal acquisition, digital signal processing, and analysis.

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BioSig Installs PURE EP(tm) System at Massachusetts General Hospital

BioSig Technologies, Inc. has installed its PURE EP(tm) System at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) as part of an expanding clinical study. BioSig is currently conducting patient cases at Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Research Foundation (TCARF) in Austin, Texas, and Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.

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ViralClear Announces Formation of Its Scientific Advisory Board

ViralClear Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced the formation of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB will review all aspects of drug discovery and development and will advise the company on its mission to control emerging infections and viral diseases of special interest including COVID-19.

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BioSig Closes $17.5 Million Common Stock Offering

BioSig Technologies, Inc. and its majority-owned subsidiary, ViralClear Pharmaceuticals, Inc., intends to use the net proceeds from this offering to support commercialization, for working capital and general corporate purposes. The closing of the offering occurred on June 26, 2020.

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ViralClear Opens Enrollment with First Patient Dosing in Phase II Human Trial

ViralClear Pharmaceuticals. Inc. commenced patient enrollment with the dosing of the first patient in its Phase II trial for merimepodib. Confirmed trial sites include Mayo Clinic facilities in Rochester, MN, Jacksonville, FL, and Phoenix, AZ, as well as St. David’s South Austin Medical Center in Austin, TX, and two sites within the Atlantic Health System, NJ.

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Bioelectronic Medicine:
The Leading Edge of Healthcare

  • Bioelectronic medicine is a new, rapidly growing field of healthcare that explores how targeted electrical signals in the body can help to diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases, from diabetes to depression.

  • BioSig aims to play a vital role in the field of bioelectronic medicine, based on our unique enabling technology and core competency in signal processing. Our initial focus is on heart disease and the fast-growing electrophysiology device market.

The Need to Improve Arrhythmia Treatment

Heart Disease Is the
#1 Cause of Death

Arrhythmia, a common cardiac condition, causes the heart to beat too quickly, too slowly, or erratically. New signal processing technologies could play a key role in enhancing outcomes from one of the most important treatments for arrhythmia: catheter ablation.

Challenging, Costly Conditions

Challenging, Costly Conditions

The health and economic impacts of arrythmia are immense. The most common arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation (AFib), affects 33 million people worldwide* – generating annual healthcare costs of $15,000 to $25,000 per patient*. 

*Worldwide Epidemiology of Atrial Fibrillation in the journal Circulation, 2013; “Healthcare Costs Drop Sharply after Successful Ablation,” Marlene Busko, Medscape, May 4, 2016

Barriers to Treatment Efficacy

Barriers to Treatment Efficacy

Treatment of AFib and ventricular tachycardia typically starts with drug therapy, which is often ineffective, particularly in the later stages of heart disease. Catheter ablation often fails, leading to costly repeat procedures.

The Importance of Signal Clarity

The Importance of Signal Clarity

Clearer signal information may help physicians work faster and more accurately during catheter ablation.  One of the main reasons for low ablation success rates is unreliable information – specifically, the inability to differentiate between the clean signal and lab noise. 

PURE EP™: A Signal Processing Solution

PURE EP™: A Signal Processing Solution

By improving signal clarity, BioSig’s PURE EP™ System has the potential to deliver valuable advances in electrophysiology procedures. We recently conducted first clinical cases at the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute under the leadership of Andrea Natale, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.H.R.S., F.E.S.C., Executive Medical Director, Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute at St. David’s Medical Center. According to Dr. Natale, early results suggested improved cardiac signal detection and fidelity - click here to read the announcement.

How Does Pure EP™ Work?

Strong Commitment
to Research

BioSig is working with leading experts and organizations to develop additional features of PURE EP™ and explore signal processing applications in disease areas beyond arrhythmia.

Key Scientific Publications

We’re proud of our high success rate for peer-reviewed publications: 9 of the 10 publications we’ve submitted to date have been accepted. These publications provide early evidence that PURE EP™ could offer valuable improvements in signal clarity during electrophysiology procedures.  

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Looking Beyond Arrhythmia

In 2017, BioSig signed a 10-year strategic collaboration with experts at Mayo Clinic to jointly develop our signal processing technology. These experts see the potential for our technology to help them electrically map the entire body, possibly leading to diagnosis and development of new therapies in other disease areas – for example, neurology and ophthalmology.

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