National Stroke Month: Every Second Counts

It is a heartbreaking reality that in the United States alone, someone has a stroke every 40 seconds.

With over 80 million strokes and 5 million deaths every year, strokes are the 4th leading cause of death and disability across the nation and the globe.* But there is a silver lining: strokes are actually 80% preventable.* Since 1989, when May was first dubbed National Stroke Awareness Month, organizations like the American Stroke Association and American Heart Association have used this month to heighten awareness of and educate the public about how to prevent strokes.

The expression every second counts emphasizes the importance of responding quickly if someone exhibits signs of a stroke because health and, indeed, survival can be measured in seconds or minutes. This is not only a guiding principle of stroke awareness but also a critical guide for all health conditions or crises.

At BioSig, we recognize the importance of timely action when it comes to health and want to lend our voice to raise awareness about early intervention for those that suffer from Atrial Fibrillation (AF)—a leading cause of stroke. According to a National Center for Biotechnology study, people with AF are 5 to 7 times more likely to suffer from a stroke, which only increases with age. AF is responsible for up to 25% of all strokes in people that are 80 years and older. AF-related strokes are also more severe than other types of strokes, leaving patients twice as likely to become bedridden, cognitively impaired, or experience heart failure. *

These statistics are a harsh reminder that every second really does count—not only in health emergencies but also when it comes to health prevention. The Heart and Stroke foundation advises that aggressive, early prevention, is vital for AF patients and emphasizes that undiagnosed or untreated AF can significantly increase the risk of stroke and heart failure. So, I invite you to join me and the rest of our team in making every second count. Whether it be by exercising regularly, focusing on a healthy diet, educating friends and family, donating to a health organization or non-profit, or simply scheduling your next appointment with your doctor— any of these measures can make a difference in one’s health.

As a medical technology company dedicated to cardiovascular care, stroke awareness and prevention are essential to our core business. We are committed to reducing the number of AF and arrhythmia patients, including stroke victims and those at risk of a stroke.

For those interested in supporting the many stroke awareness efforts that continue to take place throughout the year, visit the American Stroke Association (AHA). You can also donate to the AHA. This year your gift will have twice the impact thanks to volunteers and donors, Valerie and Lee Shapiro, who match all digital donations up to $1 million in honor of their late mother, who battled cardiovascular disease. To donate, click here.

Lives can be defined by a matter of minutes, seconds, or even heartbeats. Although we can’t always control the outcome of our health, we can always do more to help protect it.

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge and support this important month of awareness. When it comes to a stroke, seconds can be critical. Even as the month of May comes to an end, stroke awareness remains a vital cause all year-round. So, let’s continue to honor stroke victims by using our own time to support the fight against this widespread condition.


Ken Londoner, CEO & Co-Founder,
BioSig Technologies, Inc.


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