Clearing a path to better treatment.

NeuroClear is building a way to identify and treat physical, neurological, and emotional disorders using a new sensing and stimulation technology. Clearer signals lead to increased efficiency, more successful treatment, and to better health.

Our Novel ENG Platform Technology

Our technology aims to address technological deficiencies present in the current electroneurogram recording systems through high-speed recording of biomedical signals, the ability to preserve valuable clinical information and optimization of therapy delivery through closed feedback loop.

Our first product focuses on improving safety and efficacy of renal denervation procedures.

Introducing N-SENSE

* Picture shown is for illustration purpose only.
Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.

  • Multi-channel hardware designed to sense & stimulate nerves.
  • Simultaneous stimulation and measure for optimal closed loop feedback system.
  • Aid in targeting nerve location.
  • Algorithms tailored to specific applications.
  • Assess nerve for hyperactivity.
  • Catheter-agnostic interface.

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