The Transformative Potential of Bioelectronic Medicine

Bioelectronic medicine is a rapidly growing field of healthcare that explores how targeted electrical signals can harness the body’s natural mechanisms to diagnose and treat a range of diseases. The field represents not just a narrow category of medical devices, but an entire approach to detecting and treating disease – using electrical pulses and the body’s own mechanisms as an adjunct or alternative to drugs and medical procedures.

Bioelectronic medicine applications aim to deliver treatment breakthroughs for many diseases that currently have a high level of unmet need. Researchers and innovators are exploring the field’s applications across various disease areas and disciplines, including neurology, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, pain management, cancer, and others. This wide range of applications sets bioelectronic medicine apart and indicates its immense potential.

We know we’re not alone in embracing a future with bioelectronic medicine. The field is making rapid strides, but this is just the beginning of what’s possible. That’s why we helped create the Alliance for Advancing Bioelectronic Medicine, an independent network of professionals dedicated to innovation at the intersection of healthcare and technology. We strive to develop this community with a common goal of realizing the field’s full potential.

Bioelectronic medicine is already a diverse, $20 billion market. It includes both familiar devices, such as pacemakers, as well as emerging technologies, such as vagus nerve stimulators and implantable neurostimulators. These exciting new segments are proliferating and attracting interest and investment from major players in technology and healthcare, such as Verily Life Sciences, Medtronic, and Johnson & Johnson.

As the field continues to develop, we believe our unique technology can play a critical enabling role. By providing more precise biomedical signals, our advanced signal processing capabilities can help clinicians better understand and change patterns to treat, or even prevent diseases.

Bioelectronic Medicine: Areas with potential for diagnosing and treating diseases: Neurology, Auto-immune Diseases, Diabetes, Arthritis, Hyper-tension, Pain Management, Cancer

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